Energy Clearing

As a highly sensitive person, known as an empath, it became imperative that Ali learn how to clear and protect her energy. There were times that she picked up so much energy from others, like a sponge, that she ended up in bed for days feeling like she had the flu. Something had to change!

She began studying energy, and how to clear and protect herself in 2014, and it changed her life. Ali is honored to now help others learn to clear and protect their own energy or provide an energy clearing for her clients, both human and animals. Consider it like an energetic shower! We do so much to clean the outside of our bodies, and an energy clearing will clear any negativity we have picked up from others, as well as, stuck energy from our more subtle energetic bodies. Ali explains the entire process step-by-step as she clears.

Ali can help you create your own daily practice of clearing and protecting your energy at home in a one-hour class. This is extremely empowering.