Ali  is passionate about sharing her love of meditation and mindfulness with her clients in a relatable and authentic way.

After Ali embarked on her wellness journey and began meditating in 2012, she noticed she had lower levels of stress, less anxiety, more patience, better sleep, hardly ever got sick, was making better decisions, and was more present in all areas of her life.

Ali feels it is her calling to connect with others, and help them understand the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness, the techniques to get started, and how inspire them to truly make these tools a part of their lives so they can ditch stress and find more balance and joy day to day.

As Ali’s gifts expand, so do her offerings. Ali now offers mediumship appointments for those wanting to connect with their Spirit Guides and loved onaes across the veil. She is passionate about helping others feel the love and support from those on the other side because doing so had such an enormous impact on her wellbeing and transformation.

Ali also provides energy clearings for clients, and also  teaches them how to clear and protect their own energy day to day.

Ali is a certified meditation teacher, life coach, and Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

She has been featured on CBS, NBC, Fox News, Family Circle Magazine, in the Houston Chronicle, in the Public News and various other outlets.

She is also the author of three books including best selling “Hot Mess to Mindful Mom: 40 Ways to Find Balance and Joy in Your Every Day,” “Get the Most Out of Motherhood: a Hot Mess to Mindful Mom Parenting Guide, and One Minute to Zen: Go From Hot Mess to Mindful Mom in One Minute or Less.